Off Season 2016

“We are what we repeatedly do….Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”
– Aristotle

The off-season is upon us. It is a time to reflect upon a season that had many highs, and some lows. It is a time to learn from mistakes and a time to turn weaknesses into strengths. It is no secret that the measure of a player is not how hard he works in practice but how hard he works in the off-season.

“Every time you do not practice during the off-season another player does, and one day you will meet that player and he will defeat you.”

There is a choice set before you: commit to improving your game through serious training, or sit idly by while the rest of your teammates and players around the league become better than you. I believe that our basketball program is an established powerhouse. I believe that we have the ability to compete at the highest level and win each and every year. I believe that this program can continue to put South Zone Championship banners on the wall and contend for a Provincial championship. But I also know that this will not happen without serious commitment and serious effort. Nothing in life worth attaining will ever come easy. Choose to be great; choose to practice and train for the next 9 months.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Kevin McBeath
Boys Basketball Program Director

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